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About ICNLP International

International Community of Neuro Linguistic Programming - ICNLP

The ICNLP is dedicated to the ethical, learned and skilful use of NLP throughout the world,
by providing an International set of accredited standards, ethics and training requirements
for the learning and practice of NLP.

Joseph O'Connor, International master Trainer and best selling author is a founder of ICNLP
and ICNLP uses Joseph's material. Joseph acts to ensure quality of training and materials.

The practice of NLP needs three basic elements:

    1. Being 
    2. Knowledge
    3. Skill 

The ICNLP provides standards and requirements for certification at four levels 

  • NLP Practitioner
  • NLP Master Practitioner
  • NLP Trainer
  • Master Trainer

    These standards cover three essential requirements in the practice of NLP at each level:

    • Being  Self-development. We believe that the person who applies NLP is the most
      important part of NLP. They need to be a model of the skills and principles they teach.
    • Knowing Knowledge and metacognition of the field at the appropriate level.
    • Doing The skills to get results.
  • International standards and credibility of NLP courses and qualifications.
  • A public commitment to standards, ethics and providing a model of NLP.

Advantages of certification through the ICNLP 

  • International credibility
  • A quarterly Newsletter.
  • A website with a Forum.
  • Access to the ICNLP Intranet for advertising, networking, resources, research and information.
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