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ICNLP Priciples


Certified of the ICNLP act out of respect for the dignity of every person, based on the belief
that everyone has basic human rights and responsibilities regardless of their capability,
gender, race, colour, or creed.

They recognise and respect the uniqueness and worth of every human being the right
to determine their own life while respecting the rights of others.


They consistently, honour agreements and keep their promises.


They are aware of their level of skills and qualifications and will advertise, market
and present them in an honest way.

The public representation of NLP

They will do nothing that harms the general understanding or acceptance of NLP.

They will not claim or imply outcomes for NLP that they cannot congruently asser.

Social responsibility

They recognise they have a responsibility to the wider society to work to improve life in
general, so they see their work in a wider context.

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