International Community of NLP 06 December 2023

Statement of purpose

What is the ICNLP?

The ICNLP is a certification organisation. The ceritfied share a broad set of values and way of working.
They value NLP and are interested in it and may want to work with it.

We want this organisation to be a source of encouragement.
We want the certified to take pride in belonging.
We want the group of ICNLP certified to be an example of how professionals can work
together for mutual gain and produce superb results.

The ICNLP Purpose is

  1. To provide a code of Standards and Ethics for the practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
    The purpose of ICNLP is to facilitate the alignment of professional NLP trainers around the
    world in the ethical and professional use of NLP through the standardization and continual
    improvement of the NLP accreditation process.
  1. To provide standards and requirements for certification at four levels:
    • NLP Practitioner
    • Master Practitioner
    • Trainer
    • Master Trainer

These standards cover three essential requirements in the practice of NLP:

    • Being - Self-development.
    • Knowing - Knowledge and metacognition at the appropriate level
    • Doing - The skills to get results.

NLP is a complex field that has been growing for over twenty years. We believe there is a minimum
requirement in time, effort and quality of attention required to reach each of the three levels of NLP.
It takes time to master valuable skills. This is why we set minimum time standards for our training.

    • Familiarity with NLP can be gained quickly.
    • Skill in NLP takes much longer.
    • Mastery in NLP is a continuing journey.
  1. To provide support and coordinate research in NLP to make it available as widely as possible.
  1. To provide a certification organisation of professionals engaged in the field of NLP.
  1. To encourage public awareness about NLP and to give NLP a good reputation in the
    broad field of the study of human psychology.
  1. To co-operate with other people and associations for the furtherance of NLP in the common good.
  1. To work for co-operation and communication between NLP professionals from different
    countries and different schools.
  1. To work for the establishment of NLP as a recognised subject in the academic field.
  1. Maintain and make public an international registry of NLP professionals who are certified
    in accord with the standards and requirements of the ICNLP.
  1. Represent the interests of participants to the media and other organisations internationally.
  2. Organise promotional activities for the ICNLP members.

Qualities of the ICNLP

  • Collaboration a feeling of working together and sharing expertise.
  • Congruence certified are aligned with the standards and ethics of the organisation.
  • Continuity the group is not static but self-evolving and developing through time.
  • Contribution everyone gives something and takes something from working together.
  • Conscience the group has a set of shared values.
  • Capability the group is skilled and wants to develop those skills.
  • Commitment participants want to belong. The group is self- selecting.
  • Credibility Because ICNLP adheres to high standards, an ICNLP certification shows quality.


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