International Community of NLP 06 December 2023

NLP Trainer

Entry requirements

The candidate has an ICNLP accredited Master practitioner status – their master practitioner training has met the minimum ICNLP time requirements.

  • The candidate will be evaluated by at least one ICNLP master trainer.
  • The candidate have passed the written assessment/integration test of NLP knowledge.
  • Their projects are valuable and useful as assessed by the master trainer.


  • All knowledge up to and including the Master Practitioner level.
  • An understanding of the intellectual history of NLP and the various disciplines that form a part of it.
  • Candidates need a general knowledge of:
    • Gestalt Psychology
    • The Palo Alto School of Therapy
    • Transactional Analysis
    • Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
    • Behaviourism
    • Cognitivism
    • Family Therapy
    • Systems thinking (Senge, Checkland and Churchman)


  • All practitioner and master practitioner skills and the ability to use them
    overtly or covertly in a training situation.
  • The flexibility to shift between content and process and mark the differences.
  • The ability to use nested loops to install strategies and evoke resource states.
  • The ability to demonstrate simultaneously any pattern behaviourally as
    well as teach it linguistically.
  • Exercise design
    - Overt and covert outcomes
  • Training design
    - Frames
    - Outcomes
    - Chunking
    - Balance of giving information and discovery
    - Future pacing
  • Tasking
  • Intervention in groups, maintaining rapport, giving sensory specific feedback.
  • Ability to conduct appropriate demonstrations
  • 4MAT
  • Ability to use spatial anchoring
  • Effective use of metaphors
  • The ability to deal with participants’ questions in a respectful and useful way and to discern
    the level and intent of the questions. To answer the ‘question behind the question’.
  • The ability to manage and task a team of assistants


  • Candidates will give at least two 20 minute presentations to a group and receive feedback.
    The master trainer present will evaluate these presentations.
  • Assessment of the ability to design trainings by the master trainers.
  • Demonstrate NLP presuppositions in their behaviour.
  • Present an individual project on an area of NLP
  • Maintain a resourceful state while training.


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