International Community of NLP 06 December 2023

ICNLP Standards

These guidelines are for all professional certified of the ICNLP when they carry out ICNLP trainings

1. Competence

  • They do their best for every training participant.
  • They follow the ICNLP requirements.
  • They make efforts to stay updated with developments in NLP methodology.
  • They are aware of their skills, their strengths and their limitations and always work to
    improve their skills.
  • They will only accept work that they believe themselves competent to perform.
  • They ensure their own personal problems do not adversely affect their work.

2. Respect for the participants

  • They treat clients with dignity and respect.
  • They never take advantage of clients personally, sexually or financially.
  • They do not unfairly discriminate against clients on any basis.
  • They obtain permission from any client or participant before using their names or
    endorsements as references.
  • They do not seek to impose their own beliefs, values or views on a participant or client.
  • The keep materials confidential except where otherwise authorised by the client
    or required by law.
  • They honour agreements made with participants

3. General

  • They respect the rights of others in copyrights, intellectual property, trademarks and patents.
    They will acknowledge the contributions of others where appropriate.
  • They do not make claims that they cannot congruently assert. Nor do they claim any skills,
    credentials or qualifications that they do not hold, nor knowingly allow others to claim them
    on their behalf.
  • If they are a guest trainer with another organisation and are offered work by a participant in
    that training, they take on the work only with the agreement of the Training sponsor.
  • They will refer clients to another professional such as a counsellor, therapist or doctor
    when they know the participant has a problem that needs such treatment.
  • They seek to avoid harm or danger to themselves, participants or others in their work.
  • They make clear to participants in advance what happens if any participant is dissatisfied
    with the course, wishes to discontinue or wants a refund of their fee.

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